Handheld Internet 5 Ways Mobile Users are Changing the Marketing Game

Since 2010, the advertising industry was feeling the sharp effect of the smartphone revolution. It just took a couple of years following the coming of the Apple iPhone for promotion professionals to understand that playing area could be radically changed by innovative mobile devices.


According to advertising trade publication Digiday, the time we spend socializing with our cellular devices has soared by over 1,000 percent since 2010, meaning that advertisers have a better chance to achieve target audiences in their telephones.

To get a better Comprehension of how cellular users are altering the dynamics of modern advertising, it helps to Consider the next five factors:

Intimate Communications Smartphones have a fascinating ability to make a particular feeling of familiarity between their target audiences. Think about a train commuter who adheres to the RSS feed of a podcast that’s recorded and published at noon each other day; let us state this commuter sets her up podcast listening program to get the series for her smartphone while she’s at work.

If this woman listens to the podcast because she’s driving the train home, she’ll be completely engaged by the listed content. This high degree of intimacy delivers a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs to send promotional messages through cellular platforms.

Mobile Transaction SystemsThe integration of mobile payments and advertisements to one promotional plan is the upcoming big thing in advertising.

After the coffee and donuts giant introduced its mobile program, users were thrilled to discover it provided Visa Checkout and Apple Pay integration; this operation makes it possible for people to put their orders and cover them before arriving at the shop. As can be anticipated, the cell program also rewards clients with ample coupons which encourage them to keep on using the program.

Smartphone NotificationsIn recent decades, cellular alerts have been abused and used by entrepreneurs who’ve been trying too difficult to expand their own reach.

Rather than bombarding cellular users, BLE beacons make the most of closeness schemes to extend offers to prospects that are near brick-and-mortar companies.

Presence and LocationMarketers understand about the value of comprehending that the second of discovery. What were the behavioral and environmental variables that caused a girl in Taipei to look for a English language tutoring agency early in the afternoon?

As a result of GPS and cellular tower triangulation attributes, as an instance, marketing research is now able to consist of location-specific info points; this advice is invaluable as it provides advertising agencies the advice they have to make content which goes beyond resizing tv advertisements for smartphone displays.


Big Data AnalyticsFor behavioral advertising and marketing professionals, cellular devices are such as workshops or information fountains. Massive amounts of information are being generated in any given instant by smartphone users: consider the countless calls, taps, swipes, tweets, enjoys, stocks, text messages, along with perspectives happening round the globe at this moment.

To obtain an notion of the Big Data size, it can help to think about that Netflix readers will have reviewed almost 70,000 hours of movie from the time you finish reading this article based on Domo.


It’s safe to state that the mobile communications industry is simply getting started concerning technological progress. Advertisers must remain ahead of cellular improvements with the intention of creating the most from them.

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